Big Boned Loadable Dumbbells
Big Boned Loadable Dumbbells

Big Boned Loadable Dumbbells

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1) What is a Big Boned Dumbbell?

A Big Boned Dumbbell is a brand new, seconds quality dumbbell off of Solarletics' standard production line. These dumbbell's may have minor cosmetic issues such as finish blemishes or inconsistencies with the knurl. If any flaw is found, it is added to the Big Boned Yard. These dumbbells are guaranteed to arrive in new, ready to hit the gym condition.

2) Do all Big Boned Bars have finish blemishes?

No. A bar could have also been sent to the Big Boned Yard for double tracked knurling (see below). Finish blemishes are more noticeable on Black Zinc or Black Oxide finishes.

3) Do all Big Boned Dumbbells have double tracked knurling?

No. Double tracked knurling is just one of the issues that can cause a dumbbell to be sent to the Big Boned Yard. A small surface blemish could be the only fault. (See image below for double tracked knurl description)

4) Do Big Boned Dumbbells carry a warranty

No. All Big Boned Dumbbell sales are final.

5) Where can I find more information on each specific Dumbbell?

All Big Boned Dumbbells will have its standard name included in the product title. Please see that product's page for more information.