Clean Energy Program?

Clean Energy Program?

Our Bank Fund for Solar?

 We have partnered with the right banks to build a fund for renewable energy, this means for a limited time we can cover the project cost for you leaving you with only your new monthly bill to pay. The new monthly bill will be substantially lower than what you pay now and will be fixed for as long as you live in the home or 20 years, whichever comes first. We have a budget so we can't pay for every home and are limited in each county, if you live close to one of our locations you may qualify for solar for no cost out of pocket.


How does solarletics make money?

Simple, we don't! We donate 100% of our proceeds to local charities to help fight back against the climate change crisis. We hope to also offer you other items like apparel or memberships for future revenues as we become aquatinted after your project. We'll be forever grateful that you helped with climate change by going solar which is equivalent to planting around 6000 trees or 170 tons of coal not being burned into our atmosphere. 


How does the bank benefit?

The new monthly bill, over time, will pay the bank more money than if you purchased a system. If you pay 100 per month after the solar over 20 years it adds up plus the bank gets the tax incentive which can be quite large from the federal government because you went solar. They don't keep charging you forever so after 20 years you will own the system outright and eliminate another bill. There's no debt if you move it simply stays with the home and no reason to pay off the term of the agreement, it will transfer to the new owner. 


What about my utility?

We partnered with local utilities and officials so when you over produce that energy will feed back into the utility grid which they will pay you for that power. They normally pay 60% less than what they use charge you, and sell that energy to you neighbors at you previous rate. That's smart, buy low and sell high. They utility also has stress on the grid with energy consumption increasing with technology which helps a lot. In some area's utilities are put on a quota to produce a certain amount of energy production from clean energy.

What are my benefits?

Instant savings, and zero down solar. The property value will increase and sell faster if you ever move in the future. Your new bill will be fixed protecting you from utilities increasing their rates over time. In 10 years its likely you will be saving 150% on electric, I wish we could do this deal for our gas prices as well!

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